Mobile Site Showdown (INFOGRAPHIC)

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Nov, 2013

How does your mobile site's performance stack up next to some of the most popular sites on the Web? Thanks to a new Keynote study, it is easy to find out.


The study measured the performance of 580 popular commerce, entertainment and travel mobile sites, and found that the average download speed has improved to 7 seconds from 10 seconds in 2011. That said, 7 seconds still falls short of what most consumers expect, which is download speeds of 4 seconds. In fact, the study found that just 25 percent of mobile sites met user expectations when it comes to download time. The good news is that site owners can improve speeds by reducing page weight and elements. For instance, the study found that mobile sites with speeds averaging more than 4 seconds contained 146 percent more objects than faster sites.


In addition to download speeds, the study shed light on average uptime for mobile sites, finding that the industry is getting closer to the 99 percent uptime mark. For example, the data shows that the measured mobile sites were available for an average of 98.5 percent of the time. Moreover, 3 out of 10 sites were available 100 percent of the time.