Mobile SMB Strategies: US vs UK (INFOGRAPHIC)

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 06 Sep, 2013

SMBs in the US are ahead of their UK counterparts when it comes to the adoption of mobile devices for business initiatives, according to a new infographic from marketing solutions provider Constant Contact.

The infographic reveals that although 68 percent of UK business owners own a mobile device or solution (compared to 66% of US business owners), only 17 percent have mobile-optimized websites, while 34 percent of US businesses have mobile-optimized sites. In addition, just 17 percent of UK business owners use a mobile device to help with social media marketing, and 15 percent use mobile for email marketing. In the US, 73 percent of SMBs use mobile for social media marketing and 71 percent use it for email marketing.

Other noteworthy stats provide insights for the future of mobile within SMBs. The data shows that 45 percent of US SMBs plan to implement mobile-optimized websites compared to just 10 percent of UK SMBs. Plus, 23 percent of US businesses plan on launching a dedicated mobile app for customers, while only 10 percent of UK businesses plan to do the same.

Learn more about the Mobile Divide by checking out the infographic below: