A Better Survey for the Mobile Era?

Mobile is perhaps one of the most disruptive forces in the digital era.

Consumers, who are seemingly perpetually on the move, aren't experiencing brands the same way they once did, and it is forcing enterprises to react. 

Two former Salesforce executives (Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley) have launched GetFeedback in an effort to help brands battle the problem, a Web application that enables companies to easily design and administer "visually-rich, engaging" online surveys which are optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. No matter which device the surveys are viewed upon - which can include custom imagery, video, fonts, colors and background images - GetFeedback has designed the surveys to look "flawless and work seamlessly."

"The online survey industry represents a $2.2 billion market in the US alone, but no company was addressing the fact that half of all surveys are now opened on mobile devices," said Kraig Swensrud, Co-Founder of GetFeedback.com. "Every company needs input from its constituents - customers, clients, partners or employees - to inform business decisions. But we haven't seen innovation in the online survey software market in over a decade. Today's companies deserve technology that allows them to create amazing experiences designed for the mobile world we are living in."

GetFeedback launched in beta back in August and has already managed to sign up thousands of clients, including some big brand names such as Appirio, Amazon, Dropbox and LinkedIn. 

"The world has changed," said Narinder Singh, Co-Founder and CMO, Appirio, "Our customers and our employees are on-the-go and we need to connect with them wherever they are, on every device. GetFeedback.com delivers a killer experience and higher response rates, allowing us to make the critical decisions we need to grow our business."