A Referral Program in 7 Days?

Referral marketing solution Amplifinity is making a pretty big claim - that it can help companies bring a referral program to market in as few as 7 days.

A new streamlined version of its popular Amplifinity Base platform is being positioned as an opportunity to deliver the revenue growth companies are looking for without the hassle, cost, and involvement of IT departments.

Some of the notable features within Amplifinity Base include a library of pre-filled responsive templates, a wizard that guides marketers through the development processes, dashboards to see program performance and other standard integrations, including with systems like lead sharing and routing, email preference management, reward fulfillment and system of record reconciliation.

"There is an incredible amount of pressure on marketers to grow revenue by acquiring new customers. CEOs want results yesterday," stated Amplifinity CEO, Larry Angeli.

"Referral marketing is a great way to achieve this objective, but marketers are hesitant if they lack the expertise or internal resources to be successful. With Amplifinity Base, we've streamlined the effort to get a referral program up and running quickly. Combined with expert guidance from Amplifinity's Success team, we can ensure that customers get live quickly to open a powerful, always-on channel for high quality lead generation."