Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Puts Martha on the Ipad

Adobe announced that Martha Stewart Living's debut digital publication was delivered using tools from the recently announced Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. 

Built on the foundation of Adobe Creative Suite® and Adobe InDesign® CS5 software, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite will be on the to-learn list not just of large traditional publishers like Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia or Conde Naste, but for small and medium publishers as well. The platform is so accessible and so appealing to designers based on our own limited interaction with the solution, that I for one would not be surprised at all if an enormous new market, placed firmly at the intersection of creativity and content, emerges soon. The one barrier that I see is the 10,000 pound green robot in the room in Android

"Our work with the talented design team at Martha Stewart Living has resulted in an experience that combines the best aspects of the print magazine with the unique interactivity that is only possible through digital technology. Through Adobe technology, communicators like Martha Stewart can make the transition from print to digital while preserving and even enhancing the fine imagery and design fidelity that their readers have grown to love and expect."

The Digital Publishing Suite is expected to be available in Q2 2011 and offers both a Professional and Enterprise Edition. Pricing for the Professional Edition is expected to be US$699 per month plus a per-issue fee, which scales with publisher volume.