Adobe Unveils New and Improved Marketing Products

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 21 Mar, 2012

Adobe kicked off its annual Digital Marketing Summit this week in Salt Lake City with several announcements regarding product releases and upgrades in the areas of social media marketing, personalized engagement, multi-channel advertising and more.

You can learn more about the summit here, but below are some of the highlighted product announcements:

Adobe Social
This new product within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite combines social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics that can attribute social activity to business results. It gives social marketers a single platform to manage, measure and optimize social media strategies in the context of all other digital marketing efforts. Adobe Social builds on the social media management technology Adobe acquired earlier this year as part of the Context Optional/Efficient Frontier acquisition, as well as the social media monitoring and analytics of Adobe SocialAnalytics.

Personalized Engagement
The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite also features new predictive marketing capabilities for improving personalized engagement, multi-channel campaign execution and media monetization. These advancements are designed to help marketers more quickly sort through an increasing amount of data to identify impactful insights and leverage historical data to predict future results. Adobe captures more than 6 trillion transactions per year for its 5,000-plus digital marketing customers. Collectively, these transactions represent more than 27 petabytes of data.

Web Experience Management
The latest Adobe Web Experience Management (WEM) solution and CQ 5.5 are deeply integrated with the Digital Marketing Suite to help organizations build their brands, increase engagement and drive demand by delivering more consistent, contextually relevant experiences on the Web, mobile devices and social media. The new Adobe CQ 5.5 includes several new features and capabilities such as Client Context, Mobile App Development, Digital Asset Management, Cloud Management and more, as well as integration with other products in the Digital Marketing Suite.

Unified Ad Campaigns
Technology acquired from Efficient Frontier is now available as part of the Digital Marketing Suite. It unifies social, search and display campaigns and creates multi-channel optimization from disparate campaigns, which is a departure from multi-channel campaigns that are often operated with separate budgets, distinct data sets and unique workflows. With the benefit of this unified view provided by the new technology, marketers can replace what were traditionally gut decisions with smarter, more accurate actions based on real data.

Ecommerce Capabilities
Adobe also announced its partnership with hybris, a multichannel commerce and communication software provider, to give marketers comprehensive commerce capabilities. The partnership aims to allow marketers to manage and optimize the online buying process across multiple channels for both the front-end shopping experience and back-office merchandising and marketing publishing processes. Additionally, hybris Product Content Management software will drive product information and options, in addition to order fulfillment. The Adobe solution will also have ready access to online analytics to enable marketers to rapidly optimize content and maximize return on investment. The integrated ecommerce capability as part of Adobe WEM is available now in beta and is targeted for general availability in the second calendar quarter of 2012.