AI to Identify Campaign Responders & Non-Responders

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can vary greatly - it can look like a chatbot ready to assist a shopper with a question about their order or it can look like improved marketing campaigns through machine learning - and other scenarios in between. 

Reach Analytics, a B2C predictive marketing platform, announced the launch of a new marketing AI capability called response modeling, which can help marketers identify people who are most likely to respond positively to a future campaign based on the platform's ability to analyze past campaign results along with third-party data of 600-plus household variables.

The company reports that users from agencies, brands and non-profits are excited about the ability to automate data science and give them more control over producing predictive-targeted campaigns without needing to rely on heavy data science expertise or teams.
"Marketers are on the hook for every dollar they spend. Our technology lets them acquire more new customers and get better response rates, with less time and money. That's a huge win," said Bruno Delahaye, CEO at Reach Analytics. "Our predictive platform is a true self-service option for consumer-facing marketers that comes with both power and transparency."

Response modeling with the Reach Analytics platform gives marketers:

- Professional-grade response models in real-time, based on past campaign results and third-party data.
- Robust responder profiles that identify distinct characteristics between campaign responders and non-responders.
- Database scoring for creating predictively targeted campaigns for any stage of the customer journey.