AppsGeyser Supports HTML5

Do-it-yourself application generator AppsGeyser announced full support of HTML5 this week. There are currently more than 29,000 apps in the platform's ecosystem.

What is so interesting about the announcement is that HTML5 allows app developers to more fully leverage the core underlying feature of mobile devices and tablets including support for location and location-based services, and extended and enhancing audio and video. Developers can create Apps with HTML5 capabilities and still use AppsGeyser's simplified 2-step process to convert them into native apps. Mass conversion is also supported via a web call to the AppsGeyser API.

Vasily Salomatov, co-founder of AppsGeyser, while speaking at the Israel Mobile Summit with a panel of experts that included Rovio and Inneractive, said that "HTML5 brings a whole set of new capabilities that allows us to create not only informative and dynamic apps, but truly interactive location-aware apps." He also emphasized that "it only takes very basic HTML knowledge, coupled with our web tools, and anyone can create an awesome location based app."