Audit Site Tags for More Accurate Data

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 10 Dec, 2013

Digital marketers can better measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns thanks to new tag auditing support from ObservePoint.

The Web analytics company introduced auditing support for more than 50 online marketing technology tags, including RichRelevance, Adometry, Monetate, MediaMath, Ribicon, Criteo, Adconion, BlueKai, AdRoll and RadiumOne. The update aims to help advertisers and publishers audit the tags used on their site to ensure they have been integrated correctly and that the information that is being passed to third parties is actually happening. 

"While our background is in the Web analytics space, we are increasingly asked to help marketers audit other types of online marketing technologies," said Matthew Miller, ObservePoint's director of marketing. "With the ability to track and audit these online marketing tags we are able to serve marketers like never before and give them confidence in all the data they are collecting and not just web analytic data."

Tags are known to create technical and operational challenges if not maintained properly. ObservePoint's solution however hopes to help advertisers and publishers monitor the accuracy of tags so marketing campaigns can be measured properly and optimized accordingly.

"In this era of data-driven marketing there is a growing concern within many companies that data quality is being overlooked and that there needs to be more control over data stewardship within the marketing departments," said Miller. "ObservePoint functionally tests and assesses the data collection technologies and protects the ROI of all online marketing technology."