Building a Deeper Understanding of the Customer Experience

There seems to be a dramatic rise in solutions that hope to focus on helping businesses and marketers in particular optimize their customers' journey. And they are only getting more powerful.

Data and analytics solution Teradata, for example made several improvements to its Teradata Customer Journey solution, which intends to give marketers easier access to analytics, dynamic visualizations, machine learning and predictive simulations.

Despite most not having a clue about their customers' journey, or how to actually manage them, Teradata's upgrades hope to improve marketers' ability to treat customers as true individuals, increasing response rates, reducing churn and ensuring greater satisfaction in the process. That's a tall order, of course, but Teradata is well positioned to do just that.

"We want businesses to grow by delivering more sales, reducing churn and improving customer satisfaction. In this release of Customer Journey we are putting more analytics into the hands of marketing, so they can build a deeper understanding of customer experiences and then proactively optimize related journeys," said Dan Harrington, Executive Vice President, Consulting & Support Services at Teradata.

"Our solution brings together all the required technology, plus the consulting expertise to achieve faster time to market. With Teradata, organizations can have a complete customer journey hub, without the implementation challenges of cobbling together a solution from multiple vendors."

Teradata Customer Journey Solution