Business Software Buyers Trends

Capterra released an interesting study on where business software buyers plan on spending their money.

Of those surveyed, nearly a third said they are considering buying project management software, 22% of respondedents cited Customer Relationship Management software, followed by Content Management (19%), Email Marketing (15%), Website Monitoring (14%), Performance Appraisal (13%), web Collaboration (11%) and Applicant Tracking (10%).

Additional interesting findings include:

  • 42% will buy new software for their business either this year or next year.
  • 22% plan to increase their software spend, while only 15% said their spending will decline.
  • Available features and usability are the leading factors that impact software purchase decisions, with 70% of those surveyed calling those qualities "Very Important." Last on the list was brand name, which only 19% labeled as "Very Important."