Chat Bots Are Getting Smarter Thanks to Human Involvement

Despite what will be discussed and invented over the next several years, bots just don't know everything. 

While bots designed for customer service can certainly speed up how quickly brands can respond to customers and even learn from interactions over time, there needs to be a "touch" of human involvement, and TouchCommerce believes it can offer enterprises the perfect blend with its just-announced TouchAssist product that takes automated conversations up a notch. 

Leveraging virtual assistant technology from Nuance Communications, TouchAssist allows brands to create human-like dialogue with a "smart" virtual assistant or chat bot. To get an idea of just how "smart" the virtual assistant can be, it routes requests to a live agent if it doesn't know the answer. Knowing when to ask for help is half the battle. 

The possibilities for TouchAssist can be seen across all industries as quick, self-service is fundamental to customer support moving forward. 

"TouchCommerce and Nuance will drive a new era in customer service, one where artificial intelligence teams with agents to deliver service that consumers love and prefer - because it is fast, accurate and convenient," said Robert Weideman, EVP and general manager for Nuance Enterprise. "Enterprises prefer this as well, because the combination of self-service and assisted service eliminates the historical trade-off between automation and customer experience.  As a result, enterprises will reduce the costs associated with customer service while elevating customer satisfaction and net promoter scores."