CRM Success Tool Tracks Your Hard Work

Everyone likes a little validation once in a while; in fact, oftentimes the right amount of reassurance can actually improve one's performance.

When working on the Web, many of you probably complete a variety of different tasks, big and small, throughout the day. That's just part of working in the fast paced world of the Internet. Unfortunately, many out there probably do so much, that a lot of their hard work goes unnoticed (or unknown) to those around them.

Last week, Fiitfu CRM Solutions launched a Success Tracker tool that will show users the "successes" (as in completed tasks) that they have had. This data is less concerned with sales, instead focusing on income producing activity and productivity. With this new tool, users will be able to add accomplishments and track the success of their clients.

"We introduced the 'Success' element to Fiitfu so that our users can feel GOOD about what they have accomplished in a day," says Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher, Fiitfu CEO. "Focusing on what we did accomplish is a great way to empower, motivate and keep moving someone forward in their business."

Fiitfu is a Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) program aimed at network marketers and small business owners to help them manage their client list.