Embedding Videos Everywhere with Vidyo

Vidyo has announced the launch and general availability of its Vidyo.io Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), which will let application developers and enterprises embed high-quality, reliable, scalable, multi-party video collaboration into any WebRTC, mobile or native application. 

Offerings of this nature make embedded video far more accessible for developers who are looking to integrate visual real-time communications into their own applications. Across an array of platforms, Vidyo.io will now be able to "help enterprises bring their human-to-human interactions to life" according to the company, providing developers with the infrastructure necessary to make real-time, reliable and resilient multi-party video collaboration possible. The platform and SDK, for example, provide components such as firewall traversal and resource management to help developers minimize connectivity issues and maximize uptime and quality connections, especially for challenging platforms such as mobile. 

"Today's market is driven by an 'anytime, any location, any device' mentality," said Vidyo CEO Eran Westman. "Vidyo.io is the only API platform available today that provides the mission-critical quality and reliability the enterprise increasingly requires for superior performance when video participants are connected over unmanaged, variable network connections such as wireless and public Internet. Our mission is to better visually-connect the world - using Vidyo.io, developers can ensure a consistent user experience by embedding high-quality, reliable, resilient multi-party video into any application. We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Vidyo.io, and invite developers to experience the platform firsthand."

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