Experience Analytics of the Subscription Economy

It seems the transition to the subscription-based economy has arrived, and brands (and their developers) are scrambling to learn as much as they can about their users/audience to capitalize on the experience and, of course, monetize it.

Zuora, for example, just launched a subscriber experience analytics solution that will enables businesses to better design the customer journey. The new Z-Insights solution combines Zuora's subscription commerce, billing and finance system with customer usage analytics (courtesy of Zuora's acquisition of Frontleaf).

The addition of Z-Insights to Zuora's Z-Business solution (an RBM, or relationship business management, platform) is an exciting one that illustrates how quickly the Web world is changing, and is now more open and accepting of the subscription economy.

"Z-Business is powering the best subscription businesses in the world, but in order to build compelling subscription experiences, our customers have told us they need better tools for gaining subscriber insights," said Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo. "Today, Zuora has unveiled Z-Insights in what is to be a series of exciting new capabilities that will enable subscription-based businesses to create and capture meaningful insights about their subscribers and then act on those insights in a structured and consistent way."

Several modules have been introduced to Z-Insights, including a real-time view of subscribers (derived by aggregating subscriber demographic and attribute data from several sources), a live window into what subscribers are doing, and dynamic subsets of an audiences. There is also a module which provides the ability to trigger engagement with subscribers through multiple external channels and applications.