Explore Telescope for Creating Social News Destinations

It's not often that Website Magazine features open-source software (we like our software enterprise-level and commercial-grade), but every now and again, a solution emerges that warrants attention. Such is the case with Telescope, an open source social news app/website akin to Reddit (and Digg before it). 

The platform, which is built with real-time Javascript framework Meteor, supports real-time updating, post categories, invite-only access, email or Twitter authentication, day-by-day digest view, posting rate limits and notifications. 

There are a few interesting use cases already. Sidebar.io uses Telescope's digest view to display the five best design links of the day as curated by a team of contributors. 

The software is currently in beta so expect some bugs, but if you're looking to quickly add some real-time social news to your site (and in a modern and elegant way), Telescope will be a terrific fit.