Get Satisfaction with Community Health Analytics v2.0

Customer engagement platform GetSatisfaction, which powers more than 65,000 "customer communities" for companies ranging from Intuit to Microsoft, has introduced richer analytics capabilities to help its clients understand and respond to the often massive volume of data generated.

GetSatisfaction's Community Health Analytics 2.0 is built atop the company's Engage platform (which aggregates customer conversations from the open Web) and provides curation and new analytics dashboards enabling companies to identify topics in their community that may indicate purchase intent or underlying customer dissatisfaction. Clients of the GetSatisfaction platform can also now identify the most active topics and search terms from within their broader digital community

"Companies face a major challenge in making sense of large pools of unstructured data created by high levels of engagement in customer communities. With Community Health Analytics 2.0, companies can leverage the insights in way that drive value at every phase of the customer lifecycle," says Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea. "Our enhanced analytics capabilities directly support our larger vision of creating an essential platform that collects, supports and curates customer conversations that ultimately deliver rich insights to customer organization."