Mobile Takes Driver's Seat in DPI Software Sales

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 30 Apr, 2014

With the help of mobile, sales of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software is expected to top $2 billion by 2018 according to Infonetics Research.

The market research and consulting firm's biannual report states that while operator spending on DPI software grew 23 percent to $728 million in 2013, it is expected to eclipse the $2 billion sales mark by 2018.

"The deep packet inspection market, particularly the Infonetics Research.

Understanding DPI

To understand what deep packet inspection is, you must first know that your computer bundles together all of the information that you send and receive into data packets. These data packets are then read by Internet routers to determine where they're going to, who sent them and what they are. The content of each packet can also be logged by the router. This process is how firewalls figure out what to block (viruses, spam, etc.) and what to let through (an email from mom, airplane itinerary). This inspection by the firewall is what is known as deep packet Inspection.

How Can It Help My Business?

Business owners and operators who have not invested in DPI software should consider doing so. Through the use of DPI software, owners and operators would be able to see who is visiting their websites and using their mobile apps. Additionally, they could get insights into what users are doing while on those digital properties. Through the tracking of this information, owners and operators would be able to improve efficiency by seeing what is connecting with visitors and what is missing the mark.

With more mobile users popping up every day, it is crucial for owners and operators to understand as much as possible about each potential customer (regardless of device being used) to maximize the potential of their businesses.