Intelestream (CRM) Means Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming an essential element in the success of enterprises online and off today. Being able to manage your client and prospect relationship efficiently, effectively and with respect is meaningful to those you want to buy from you and to your enterprises bottom line. That is why it is exciting (perhaps only to me, but I bet there are others out there that feel the same) when you see a CRM provider release features that support that aim.

CRM consulting and SaaS provider Intelestream today did just that by announced the addition of some rather interesting features - particularly for a CRM solution. Intelestream released commission tracking, time tracking, and an events management module.

The Events Planning module allows users to set up events such as trade shows and webinars and track and report against metrics that include expected revenue, attendance, topics, and presenters. The time tracking service is also pretty interesting (though not unique as I've seen other vendors offer similar functionality), allwing billable invoices to be composed and tracked in the CRM. Users are able to track time against accounts, contacts, leads, cases, etc.

The ability to do commission tracking is another feature that is new to Intelestream 3.5. By being able to track sales commission based on a variety of criteria (flat rates, percentage of total deal size, bonus payouts, etc.) users of Intelestream will be able to track performance efficiently and with far few errors. Again, while not a feature unique to the platform, it does show that Intelestream is most definitely one to watch in the CRM space.