Kindle Gets a Needed Software Upgrade

Amazon announced an early preview of a free software update for its popular Kindle reading device. If you're publishing content specifically for the reader, the updates will be welcome.

Public Notes will let Kindle users choose to make their book notes and highlights available for others to see. If you're publishing content on the Kindle, Public Notes are most definitely something to start monitoring.

Book Rating is another new and very important feature which comes with the software upgrade. When users reach the end of the book, they will now be able to rate the book, share a message about the book with their social network, and even receive personalized recommendations on what to read next.

Latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G customers wanting to try an Early Preview of the new features can manually download the software update here. All latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G customers will receive the software update automatically via Wi-Fi once it becomes available.