Know Thy Audience: Comparing Segments with Adobe

Customers don't have identical characteristics and they most certainly don't behave in the same way. As marketers increasingly employ different marketing tactics for each group however, segmenting should be a core practice in your digital strategy.

While it's actually quite common for some basic segmentation to occur, the abundance of data today makes it possible to move beyond the traditional (age, gender, etc) to a far more sophisticated break down of audiences. That's a good thing for ROI hungry Web workers.

At Adobe Summit, Adobe introduced Segment IQ and is now announcing the first live feature within that category: Segment Comparison for Analysis Workspace. In what is expected to be a first in a series of audience analysis and discovery tools within Segment IQ, the new capability essentially makes it possible to discover the differences between sets of target audience segments through automated analysis of all known metrics and dimensions.

"In speaking with customers, we saw analysts spending an incredible amount of time comparing various segments with each other in order to understand the actionable differences between them," wrote Trevor Paulsen of Adobe's Analytics team. "Segments often overlap with each other or have non-obvious differences lurking deep within the data, and uncovering these insights is like picking a needle out of a haystack - sifting through these cascades of data manually to find the most significant differences is often impossible."