Master List of CRM Platforms for 2012

CRM platforms are evolving at a feverish pace. There are some well-known brands for Web professionals to consider, and Website Magazine's Master List of CRM Software showcases many of the top vendors below. Follow the links for more information about each individual system.
Offers a technology solution that starts with sales and extends to other customer-facing areas like marketing and customer service.
Offers a full-featured CRM solution that runs where you want it to as an on-premise or hosted solution without any long-term commitments.
Their goal is to build the "easiest CRM software in Outlook" that helps clients be more organized, serve their customers better and close more sales. (Microsoft)
Additional software solutions that work within Microsoft Outlook to help companies manage sales, marketing and customer-service operations.

Sage ACT! 2012 strives to provide clients with more meaningful conversations with customers by gaining an organized view of the people with whom they do business.
Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises and government organizations; can run in the cloud or on-site.
A complete CRM solution designed to track sales, manage marketing initiatives, resolve customer-service cases and share information throughout your organization.
A CRM software suite designed for mobile devices and the Web to assist individuals or small, medium and large enterprises improve their sales rep effectiveness and management visibility while reducing the reporting burden.

Prides itself on ease of use, storing all client data in one place so that small business owners can quickly find their contacts, sort and segment them, and add notes and to-do lists to keep them better organized.
A free, fully featured open-source CRM solution with low-cost, reliable product support that is ideal for smaller businesses.

A clean user-interface provides for a rapid learning curve so that companies can get started right away, and they have the flexibility of paying monthly, quarterly or yearly.
The SAP application has helped companies in more than 26 industries in all aspects of customer relationship management.
A powerful CRM system that gives marketers real-time, mobile access to their leads, contacts, information, reports and more.
Offers a deep portfolio of CRM solutions that address all customer touch-points and provide the functionality to support specific business needs for organizations of every size.
Designed to help businesses find and share leads, influence clients' purchase processes, manage communications and build credibility as thought leaders in their respective industries.
Customers can accurately track all business opportunities to close more deals in less time, identify bottlenecks in the sales process and utilize existing data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
Makes the claim of being the only top-tier CRM provider that includes marketing automation into a single, simple package.
This customer relationship manager hides a powerful backend system behind a clean, simple and usable interface.
Helps medium to large enterprises with customer service, technical support and/or IT helpdesk operations by facilitating interactions across proactive, assisted and self-help channels.
Includes sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customization in a single cloud CRM solution.
Enables relationship-based organizations and professional service firms to create the intelligence they need to uncover new business opportunities and enhance client service.