Mobile Customer Support in Freshdesk Apps

Cloud-based customer support software Freshdesk is enabling the businesses that use its product to respond to Twitter messages to resolve issues from the company's iOS and Android apps.

The new features include a new tab within the mobile apps that that can be used exclusively to help brands provide more effective social media support, surfacing urgent tweets and providing access to past conversations to improve interactions with customers.

"What many companies get wrong about Twitter is they view it exclusively as a marketing tool. The reality is that it's just as important to listen and respond to customers on Twitter as it is to broadcast to them," said Smrithi Parameswar, product manager for Freshdesk. "Customers are increasingly turning to Twitter to register their frustration or complaints, and brands can not afford to ignore them. These new tools from Freshdesk will enable brands to turn any social interaction with their customers into a positive experience."