PageSense Website Optimization Software in Focus

Testing and optimization are pillars of a successful digital presence, and there is no shortage of solutions able to provide enterprises with the support, services and solutions they need to make that happen.

Zoho's new PageSense offering, for example, could prove to be a disruptive solution not only because it offers up some much-needed capabilities, but also because it is bundled with the company's other sales and marketing products.  If you're in the market for a "single-stack" digital presence, Zoho just became more attractive.

PageSense is essentially the company's first foray into website optimization software and it will enable users to visualize, test, and measure visitor behavior patterns in order to drive performance gains. That's useful news for existing Zoho clients.

The solution, subscriptions to which start at $29 per month for 10,000 monthly visitors, offers up all the standard features you'd expect from a website optimization software including heatmaps, funnel reporting/analysis, and of course A/B testing capabilities (forecasting too), but coupled with other solutions within the Zoho One software stack (including Zoho Sites) and enterprises automatically have the data and ability they need to optimize the overall visitor journey through a website. Let's take a closer look.

Marketers can use the visual editor to create and A/B test different variations of the same web page without performing manual code changes. The A/B testing tool looks helpful for refining web page layout, content, messaging and design before implementing the changes throughout the website, and the Forecast feature (which estimates the probable conversion rate that each variation could achieve before the test is completed) is a strong addition.

The tool also provides access to visual representations of visitors' clicking and scrolling pattern on the website. The new Heatmap report, for example, shows how often visitors interact with specific website elements, while the Scrollmaps report show how far visitors travel down a web page. Combining those reports obviously makes it possible to determine if visitors are performing the expected action on a web page, and laying the perfect foundation for an optimization initiative..

Zoho heatmap

Marketers and webmasters will also have access to a funnel analysis report which provides a breakdown of how visitors drop off a website as they move through a series of pages.

By integrating with a range of marketing and web analytics tools, the Zoho PageSense solution could make sense for web design and development teams. The solution is not only integrated with Zoho Sites, for example, but with third-parties including Google (Tag Manager, Analytics, AdWords), KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, and Clicky. 

Zoho is also making available a Chrome extension for PageSense that will enable users to build A/B test variations and Heatmaps for web pages without manually accessing the web application, view reports on live pages, and even conduct experiments on pages behind login sessions.

"Establishing an online presence starts with a good website. Converting website visitors into customers is a key goal for any marketeer. Equipped with the right tools, marketers can test the messaging, content, and design of their website to optimize it for customer conversion," said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho Corp. "Zoho PageSense adds to Zoho's growing suite of marketing applications. By integrating seamlessly with other Zoho products and third-party applications, Zoho PageSense will be a powerful tool in any marketer's toolbox."