Plan Cloud Deployments with BitTitan's Estimator

Cloud enablement provider BitTitan has launched a rather unique online sales tool for its partners, resellers and cloud service providers to help them plan cloud deployment projects and provide additional services to customers. 

The "Estimator" tool asks a series of questions about a cloud-based project such as geography, market, source and destination, or number of seats. The tool then provides real-time, comprehensive details on technical parameters, estimated pricing, as well as available industry promotions. BitTitan's Estimator even detects additional service recommendations based on a customer's needs, including considerations for compliance, archives, PST files, documents, data encryption and public folders.

"BitTitan is turning what were once barriers to the cloud into new revenue and growth opportunities," said Geeman Yip, CEO and founder of BitTitan. "The Estimator makes it possible for partners to have in-depth knowledge of their customers' unique cloud needs and the best solutions along with which, in a sea of constantly changing services and promotions, are best to meet these needs. This is not only an opportunity to enable the cloud on behalf of customers today, but for partners to maximize lifetime cloud profits through enhanced onboarding, selling and servicing."