Improve Engagement and Conversions By Playing Games

Have you heard of Fanplayr? If not, keep reading, because this new marketing solution could really help improve your social media strategy, particularly in increasing user engagement and conversions. Or, at the very least, it'll pique your interest in the rapidly growing field of gamification.

Fanplayr is a social game marketing tool for converting targeted consumers to sales by combining social coupons and gamification marketing. It works by helping users create a special coupon based on its "type," value and amount and then promote them among their various Web properties. However, Fanplayr provides more than just easy coupon creation; it also gives the user an easy way to add gamification options to their offers, which can increase user engagement with the coupons and drive conversions.

Marketers can include the social game coupons and offers to their emails, Web pages, ecommerce sites, mobile properties and, of course, social pages to improve their reach, influence social consumers and turn them into sales. Best of all, the solution is self-service, meaning it requires no IT to implement and making it perfect for everyone from agency and direct marketers to Internet retailers to small and medium-sized businesses.

This is a hot time to start implementing such a service, as eMarketer has reported that nearly 92.5 million Internet users are likely to use online coupons throughout the next year.

Now, Fanplayr has entered into a "strategic integration partnership" with ecommerce solution provider Shopify to help online marketers jump on the gamification bandwagon.

Fanplayr will now be available to Shopify's 20,000 ecommerce merchants via the company's App Store. When retailers download the application, they'll be able to create social coupons and/or marketing games, and then promote their creations across Facebook and Twitter pages, ecommerce pages, emails and even Facebook Ads.