Profit from Shifts in Software Distribution

The software industry has undergone significant shifts in the way solutions are developed, distributed and consumed in the past several years. Analysts predict that he online delivery of software, whether downloaded or SaaS, will grow from 30% in 2010 to over 70% in 2014, forcing independent software vendors (ISVs) to expand to new channels and explore new licensing models. Many are rethinking their reseller and distributor strategy altogether - channels that today still represent over 50% of how software is sold worldwide.

Ecommerce platform Avangate, which provides its services exclusively to software and SaaS companies, has launched SkyCommerce, a software suite that integrates with Avangate's ecommerce and Channel Management SaaS-based modules to enable software vendors to grow both online and offline sales and accelerate their time to market.

The SkyCommerce Suite consists of three modules for the Avangate Commerce Platform:

- The Sky ecommerce module offers tools for ISV's (independed software vendors) to sell software online, do so on the local-level across the world, and most importantly manage the customer lifecycle - from activation to upgrades, renewals and subscriptions.

- The Sky Channel Manager module provides channel management and automation for partner and reseller orders, along with visibility into and control over revenue management across multiple channels.

- The Sky Affiliate Module provides management and promotional tools for software vendors to plug into the Avangate Affiliate Network of over 26,000 software-specific affiliates.

"The top 40 application vendors have leveraged their distribution power to control over half of the software market revenue. Our customers see a huge opportunity to break from last century's hegemony in software with the democratization of how software gets distributed. Now is the time for the other 99.5% of the world's ISVs to redefine how software gets to customers," said Carl Theobald, Avangate CEO. "Our mission is to provide software companies a scalable, cloud-based, distribution solution for selling their products globally."