rPath Ends Deployment Dysfunction with Windows Shops

rPath, which automates software system construction, deployment and maintenance across physical, virtual and cloud environments, today announced general availability of rBuilder 5.8, which brings automated deployment to the world of Windows server applications. rBuilder 5.8 represents the first commercial solution for automated deployment of Windows applications.

"Windows shops will see rPath's solution for automating deployment of Windows applications as a satisfying answer to a longstanding problem," said Bernd Harzog, principal analyst at The Virtualization Practice.

For most IT organizations, releasing Windows applications into production is complex, cumbersome and time-consuming. An absence of automation tools for deploying and configuring Windows applications results in long delays that negatively impact service levels and business agility. With rBuilder 5.8, rPath provides a solution for true "pushbutton deployment" of Windows applications.

Key rBuilder capabilities include automated dependency resolution, deep modeling and automated software packaging, version and release lifecycle controls, automated image generation, and cross-platform automation.