Salesforce Gamification with Badgeville

The Web has gone gamification crazy - and that's a good thing. When people are motivated to compete and excel in their jobs - that's exactly what they do (to the benefit and greater good of the enterprise).

While gamification itself is a trend covered across the Web, and of course within Website Magazine (see "Game Play: Where Science & Branding Merge" from Website Magazine's November 2012 edition), digital workers are only now beginning down the long road of integrating game mechanics into the applications they use on a daily basis. One of the first types of those integration's of course will be into the CRM platforms - and some providers have already begun.

Last month, behavioral gamification platform Badgeville, launched on the SalesForce AppExchange. The module or application essentially brings a gamification layer to a SalesForce Cloud deployment. Users are able to earn points for behaviors including creating or responding to a lead or converting a lead to an opportunity and closing a deal - typical busienss gamification stuff. There are different achievement thresholds which can be set by an administrator, which can reward users for achieving key milestones such as converting a specific number of leads into qualified opportunities.

"We are proud to deliver a native gamification layer for the world's most widely-used sales application, enabling companies across the globe to drive the most valuable sales behavior" said Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. "Badgeville for Salesforce was designed to reinforce the right sales behaviors that lead to the right outcomes time and again and increase collaborative effort and success among sales teams."