Self-Learning Conversion Testing? Yes, Please.

Is conversion testing dead? Of course not - it remains essential to successful online marketing efforts - but you should know that there is a far better way to engage in the (ongoing) process.

Real-time customer engagement system BlueConic, for example, recently introduced a self-learning optimization system that helps marketers deliver the best performing message while eliminating manual testing (which can be both time-intensive and expensive).

What's unique about the feature is that it works across multiple channels - including websites, mobile, email and apps. This enables marketers to compare and optimize messages across different channel and content types and target specific audience segments (for example, optimize one banner for regular buyers, and another for first time buyers).

The system, which is built into BlueConic's platform, is based on the company's self-learning algorithm and machine learning technology, and could be just motivation you need to take testing more seriously within your enterprise.

"Now that optimization has been made so simple, testing is dead," said Bart Heilbron, CEO, BlueConic. "We're entering a new era in customer engagement, one where technology can help marketers generate greater results with less effort. With self-learning optimization, they can now effortlessly serve the right message at the right time to the right customer."