SenderOK Matures; EmailTray offers New Features

One of last year's feature articles on email marketing (Email Marketing: The Future Right Now) listed some of the top email service providers and email tools for marketers. One of those tools was an Add-on from SenderOK that put social network prifiles into the header panel of messages in Outlook.


SenderOK has rebranded (now called EmailTray) and launched an advanced version which acts as a full-scale Emai sorting and management program that works like a client outside of outlook and Web-based clients, dealing with all webmail and Outlook accounts simultaneously (including AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Live).


Much like xobni, EmailTray shows the Facebook profile of Email senders in the header pane and provides an anti-phishing solution for companies whose emails come from secure servers. The company however is touting the tools sorting functionality as the main reason to use the solution.