Software Company Checks Off Another Global Box

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 01 May, 2014

When a local company expands they hope people are going to notice. When a global company expands they know people are going to notice.


With the hope of continuing to see a return on investment in the area, global software company Kenshoo charges forward with expansions in China, Japan and Southeast Asia.


The announcement comes after the software company released findings of a 37 percent revenue increase in Q1 2014 compared to the same quarter the previous year from search advertising in the Asia Pacific Japan Region.


"We are seeing explosive growth in search and social advertising across Southeast Asia, China and Japan, and Kenshoo is now expanding its operations faster than expected to meet this demand," said Michel Van Woudenberg, managing director, APJ, at Kenshoo.


Along with opening a new office in Singapore, Kenshoo is also launching Chinese and Japanese language versions of its platform. Through phased rollouts, this will enable agencies and brands that are already in those markets to use custom versions of local search and social marketing tools.

"Local language platforms and deeper in-market presence will give brands and agencies in this region even more horsepower to drive digital marketing performance through Kenshoo," stated Van Woudenberg.


Kenshoo also recently released its Kenshoo Anywhere mobile app which allows marketers anywhere to track campaign performance in real-time.