Sync Your Data Across Marketing Ecosystems

Data is worthless if you can't use it where you'll need it, right?

So how do today's marketers ensure all their data is synced across software ecosystems?

PieSync has announced a new version of its two-way intelligence data synchronization platform.

PieSync's platform enables two-way contact data synchronization for organizations that want to power their business by integrating multiple cloud applications. PieSync improves sales, marketing and service performance by easily and affordably connecting customer contact data without complexity, across SaaS-based ecosystems and multiple cloud applications, guaranteeing data relevance and reliability.

This latest release enables bi-directional intelligent customizable field mapping and advanced rules (an if-this-then-that function for developing more intelligent workflows) as well as a real-time activity feed of both new and updated data synced by the platform.

The PieSync solution supports over 80 SaaS based applications including the likes of marketing automation solutions like HubSpot.

"At HubSpot, we want to enable our customers to use HubSpot with their existing software, and to share data between the products they use," said Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer at HubSpot. "PieSync's new Intelligent Syncing feature empowers our customers to use those tools together and we're excited to announce the partnership." piesync-ss