The Favorite Apps of Web Pro's

Mobile applications are dominating the headlines. Consumers (Web professionals included) are using applications for just about everything today - information discovery, entertainment, and even to get a little work done in between Angry Bird sessions.

Web professionals are as varied in their experience and expertise as the applications on their smartphones. But what are the applications that Web marketers, data junkies and social mavens should consider downloading?

Be it Android, Blackberry or iPhone, the mobile applications listed below are the ones you are likely to find on the smartphones of the most successful Web pros.


Intuit's GoPayment application enables Web professionals to accept credit card payments via an Android phone without any additional hardware. After a payment is approved, users can email or text message an electronic receipt directly to the customer. The application costs $12.95 per month plus transaction fees. Link:

AndFTP is a JAVA application which enables access to Web servers via smartphone. The application supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS, and is particularly useful for Web designers and developers. Using AndFTP, app users can upload and download files with resume capability, and rename, delete and create files and folders. Link:

Google Analytics for Android is a secure, fast and lightweight application for accessing Google Analytics data. The application is particularly useful for reviewing summary Web traffic statistics and keyword-level data, but advanced features including custom date ranges, geolocation reports, regexenabled searches and more are also available. Link:


Nice Office LITE gives Web pros a truly mobile office on their BlackBerries, allowing them to manage emails, calendars, contacts and do most other business tasks on the go. Users can store documents and forms online and send them directly to customers, track and record all sales and lead activity by workflows and status levels, create custom sales fields and more. Link:

PGi Mobile allows users to host or attend business meetings from their BlackBerries while providing deeper engagement and increasing productivity. The app eliminates the need to remember dial-in numbers and passwords, and participants' names, titles and photos are displayed while indicating which of the group is speaking. Link:

Copy2Contact is a business tool that automatically enters important contact and appointment information from emails, text messages, Web directories and search results into a BlackBerry user's address book and calendar. This app is a resource that helps Web professionals capture sales leads and schedule and organize meetings, eliminating those tedious handwritten notes and error-prone copy-and-paste jobs. Link:


Awesome Note (+Todo) helps busy Web professionals organize everything they need to succeed in business. Calendars, to-do lists and notes can all be synced and dated, and folders can be created to keep everything in its place. Notes can include photo attachments and be sent as email, uploaded to Google Docs and synced with Evernote. Link:

SEO Pro makes sure a website owner is never left wondering about their search ranking status. Monitor unlimited URLs and see Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete. com rank and monitor daily changes in rankings. Link:

HootSuite allows users to update Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare on the go. Schedule updates, track click stats and even translate - HootSuite for iPhone can handle more than 50 languages, and the interface itself is also available in Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Korean. Link: