The Future is Streaming

Webcasting is surging in popularity so keeping tabs on technology-related developments within this exciting industry could prove valuable.

Enterprise webcasting platform MediaPlatform, for example, has announced the upcoming release of its WebCaster product, a "CEO Town Hall" and e-learning platform for enterprises and it looks to have much more under the digital hood.

Webcaster now integrates with the Wowza Streaming Engine which will provide greater format and device support, new low latency delivery capabilities and Flash-less playback options. MediaPlatform's selection of Wowza as its new media server partner is likely a wise and prudent one as the offering is widely considered one of the best media server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale on the market today.

"Wowza presents the gold standard for software and services, that were created for people to innovate and build new streaming platforms, for any scale," said Carlos Perez, Chief Revenue Officer at Wowza. "We're excited to work with MediaPlatform, as they continue to drive WebCaster to deliver flexible and scalable streaming services for the enterprise."

Webcaster from Media Platform