The Key to Workplace Happiness? Automated Virtual Assistants Says Cisco

Think for a moment about how much time you could save if you completely eliminated your least favorite tasks - would that make you more productive? More focused? Absolutely, and it may even make you smile. 

A recent Cisco study revealed that the workers of the world may just be open to working with virtual teammates after all (despite many vocal claims otherwise) and it may even make them happier. How? AI-driven virtual assistants (such as Cisco's own Spark Assistant).

According to the company's research, respondents revealed they believe virtual assistants do provide an opportunity to increase productivity (57 percent) and focus (51 percent), and that's reason enough to be open to the possibilities of working with the "machines."

While AI can seem scary at first to employees, almost all workers (95 percent) surveyed indicated they believe AI can improve work-specific tasks such as scheduling meetings, taking notes, or typing documents and emails. And wouldn't you know, 6 in 10 people said they do want AI to take over what many consider drudge work. Perhaps surprisingly, 39 percent of people who said they don't trust AI indicated they would still gladly hand over their least favorite tasks to AI. 

Would you be willing to use an automated virtual assistant to manage meetings?