Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder from Exadel

Software engineering company Exadel has released the Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder. The solution enables users to create, test and deploy applications that run on any mobile device.

"One of the greatest challenges in developing mobile applications today is the growing number of mobile devices that need to be supported," said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel, "and the number of API's that are available is increasing much faster. Tiggr makes application development more accessible than ever to the Citizen Developer (Gartner). Tiggr's MPA (Mobile Plug-in Architecture), allows developers to easily consume cloud services and create rich interactive mobile applications across multiple platforms, in a fraction of the time it would take coding by hand."

The software offers a visual editor, features real-time collaboration (via built-in chat), leverages PhoneGap so apps can run on any device, exports source code using HTML5 or an APK file, and is deployed on Amazon EC2.

The Cloud-based application is available at a promotional price of $45 per month for the life of the subscription. The promotional pricing ends December 31, 2011.