Using AI to Automate Actionable Customer Insights

There is no industry that will remain untouched by the rise of artificial intelligence. 

Marketing optimization solution G5, for example, recently announced that they are integrating their Intelligent Marketing Cloud product with's Driverless AI offering and taking it to the real estate industry. 

The G5 data science team has essentially "optimized" the Intelligent Marketing Cloud by leveraging H2O and Driverless AI for the property management marketplace with a solution that prioritizes inbound leads.

G5's cross-channel data (powered by the Intelligent Marketing Cloud) and enhanced by H2O's Driverless AI product will essentially enable those in the real estate industry to optimize their marketing investments (courtesy of some rather sophisticated artificial intelligence). With Driverless AI, G5 will be able to provide a solution that generates actionable insights based on an adaptive marketing platform, connecting property managers and decision-ready prospects with a high degree of accuracy; the result being improved occupancy rates and net operating income while reducing time on market.

"At G5 we are leveraging AI to guide the decision-making process in real estate marketing with the help of our Intelligent Marketing Cloud platform that maximizes marketing effectiveness and efficiency," said Martin Stein, Chief Product Officer at G5. "We're partnering with Sri and the best-in-class team at H2O to enhance our machine learning capabilities so that the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud continuously and efficiently improves its accuracy and predictive qualities."