Who's Using Chat Bots?

Chat bots may still be exclusively for early adopters but they are slowly gaining momentum and the results appear encouraging. 

Of the 30 million individuals that interacted with one of the 6,000 bots developed using the SnatchBot platform in 2017, just 11.8 percent abandoned their session (14 percent opted to escalate to a human-based chat) and the average bot session length was one minute and 32 seconds. Perhaps most interesting in the analysis was that in 80 percent of bot sessions the user wrote "Thank You" indicating at least some level of satisfaction. 

Snatchbot, which only launched in May of this year is being used by some rather notable brands including Accenture, Uber and Vodafone. 

Users of the platform, which does not require any coding experience/familiarity, also have access to some 50 pre-built bot templates (within the SnatchBot store) that support many channels including Facebook Messenger, SnatchApp, Slack, Skype, SMS, email and Web channels, and soon Telegram, Viber, Line, WeChat, Microsoft Team, Cisco Spark and Amazon Chime.

SnatchBot's Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm is interesting as it utilizes a two-fold approach with Fundamental Meaning and Machine Learning capabilities. The result? Bot developed on the platform can "learn" and be trained, and recognize intent by way of context or text patterns from the user.