WordPress Wednesday: A/B Test Headlines

Most companies using WordPress as their content management system give multiple authors access to the administrative login. After all, maintaining and updating blogs is usually a team effort.  

Chances are most admins aren't well-versed in A/B testing, however, which is where Optimizely comes in. Optimizely users (plans are offered at $17, $89 or $539 a month) can use the Optimizely plugin for WordPress to A/B test headlines. 

Without writing a single line of code, all WordPress admins can enter Variation #1 and Variation #2 to A/B test headlines and see which option will get users to click. WordPress essentially "calls up" Optimizely to perform the test, but none of the WordPress users have to actually log in to the company's Optimizely account. They simply enter the variations and hit the "Start Experiment" button. 

Brands can have dozens of different people (from staff to outside contributors) running A/B tests in WordPress without giving them access to the company's Optimizely account - and risking the tests it is running there. The benefits of A/B testing a headline can include increases in engagement metrics like click-throughs, time on site and more. 

Optimizely runs its own blog on WordPress and uses its own plugin.