Ad Research with RedBooks And WhatRunsWhere

Can I pick 'em or what? Several months ago, Website Magazine gave some coverage to WhatRunsWhere, an innovative online service that enables online media buyers to see exactly where certain advertisers were appearing with their display campaigns. Well, it seems I wasn't the only one that saw some value in the service. 

WhatRunsWhere has apparently partnered with RedBooks, a provider of information on advertiser and agency relationships, key personnel and billing information. Through the arrangement, RedBooks and WhatRunsWhere will share data - and it could turn out to be a very valuable relationship for users of both services.

Users of the WhatRunsWhere platform researching an advertiser will receive a  description of the brand from from Red Books, along with contact information, revenue and names of marketing or sales executives. When Red Books users look up an advertiser, they will see the brand's current online display and text ads via WhatRunsWhere.