Adobe & the Connected Advertising Experience

Digital ubiquity is fast approaching and consumers are connecting whenever and wherever they can - including from their television sets. The question is, are enterprises ready?


Adobe Advertising Cloud has announced several important updates to its connected TV (CTV) offering and it could provide some help bridging the gap between the medium and existing digital ad formats.


Whatever types of buys that advertisers are executing (a linear TV buy, a digital-only buy, or a combination of both), it is obviously important for them to understand which individual users have already been reached by an ad (or set of ads) and the frequency at which they have been exposed to the ad campaign. Only through this understanding can advertisers deliver the optimal media mix to achieve their objective, and wouldn't you know, there are solutions emerging to do just that.

Adobe Advertising Cloud, for example, has just added connected TV advertising formats to its cross-screen planner. The solution can ingest a marketer's linear TV or digital plan to identify audiences advertisers have not already reached, and then deliver against those audiences on TV, desktop, mobile, social - and now, CTV.

Since the cross-screen planner is integrated directly into Adobe Advertising Cloud's demand-side platform, marketers can gather data on how CTV audiences are behaving, but also how it compares to other channels in terms of effectiveness.

Adobe Advertising Cloud is also announcing audience targeting and reporting across connected TV, as well as conversion reporting. This means advertisers will be able to use first- and third-party audience segments and layer on geographic, demographic, interest, and device data to reach connected TV viewers and measure the results (in aggregate and not by using personally identifiable information or PII).