Advertising Simplified at iPromote

It's amazing that despite the economic gloom and doom, innovation has not seemed to stop one iota - especially when it comes to advertising. While pundits from coast to coast don't believe that online advertising will ever be what it was and, of course, have the numbers to prove it, what they miss are the offerings that change the game for businesses both large and small.

Case in point -'s new service which gives those interested in Web-based display advertising the ability to promote products or services through the company's WebpageToAds technolgy. The service analyzes a web page, selects the most relevant content and instantly builds a rich media display ad package that is used to promote across the iPromote ad network (geo-targeting included). 

"Most businesses have invested significant resources designing and creating the content on their website," says Michael Barr, CEO. "However, many do not have the time or resources to create and manage display ads to bring people to these sites. Our product makes this possible for someone with a budget as small as $5 per day. It really puts the power of display advertising in the users' hands."

Beside the technology itself, the other interesting aspect of the offering is that iPromote enables users to easily access display advertising on a cost-per-click basis, so you'll only pay for the visitors you receive. The advertisement that the system created for us was not what I would have created (just a slow pan of images on the homepage), but iPromote does let you customize with a logo, add specific media and create various sizes of the final, finished advertisement.