AOL Advertisers - You've Got Ad Inventory

Getting a complete view of potential and current customers is a top priority for many brands. This idea fuels many tech offerings on the Web today, but is often just an ideal for most companies, which often lack the resources to combine and analyze myriad data.  

AOL clients, however, are one step closer to activating cross-channel audiences and getting a more holistic and accurate picture of their customers and those showing intent. This is because Kenshoo and AOL recently announced a new partnership that gives AOL clients access to social advertising inventory on Facebook and Twitter. 

According to Gary Nafus, managing director, Americas, Kenshoo, "Now AOL can put this larger data set to work through one platform, provide deeper audience insight, and utilize Kenshoo to drive performance from social at scale."

Advertisers, according to a joint press release, will now be able to leverage AOL's proprietary predictive and first-party audience segments for targeting Twitter inventory, as well as all desktop and mobile, native and video inventory on Facebook, via the Kenshoo platform. The predictive analytics engine of ONE (a programmatic ecosystem, launching soon) will provide immediate insights - including attribution - on metrics such as reach, frequency and performance across all screens and formats.

"The more data and insights an advertiser can put through a single, holistic and open platform, the better the analysis and decision making will be," said Chad Gallagher, Global Director of Mobile, AOL. "We will provide fully managed services to our clients and direct access to all desktop native, and mobile inventory on the top social platforms."