AOL Rethinks the Digital Ad

AOL is introducing new ad formats that aim to re-conceptualize digital advertising.

One of AOL's new ad formats uses parent company Verizon to reward consumers who click on mobile ads. The DataPerks offering is a mobile ad that asks consumers to complete an action-like entering an email address, taking a survey or downloading a coupon-once someone clicks on it. In exchange for clicking on the ad, a credit for more data is automatically applied to Verizon customers' phone bills.

The other new ad format-dubbed Player Up-is for video. When consumers click to play a video, a full-page ad takes over the screen for 3 to 7 seconds before the video begins playing. While the video plays, a watermark appears in the bottom corner of the screen that switches between showing the advertiser and publisher's logo. And if someone pauses the clip, the ad slides over the screen until someone presses the play button. EBay was one of the first brands to run a Player Up ad and worked with AOL to create the ad format.

"Our customers are the heart and soul of eBay, and our number one goal is to give them the best experience," said Olivier Ropars, Senior Director of Global Internet Marketing at eBay. "Through AOL's BrandBuilder Beta program, we became an architect and helped shape a truly unique experience that is less intrusive and more relevant to our consumers. As brands, we're only as successful as our customers are happy, and programs like these are what help us continue building a brand people love."