Autopilot Releases New Digital Marketing Platform

As marketers look to engage with more consumers than ever before they must have a powerful platform that enables them to not only reach new consumers but connect with them as well.


Autopilot, a cloud-based software company, has unveiled a new multi-channel marketing platform.


The new platform delivers a variety of features to marketers to help them better communicate with their consumers and optimize their processes through automation. The Autopilot platform includes features such as a drag-and-drop interface, the ability to create personalized emails as well as actionable analytic reports.


Also, to help marketers stay connected with all aspects of their job, the cloud-based platform has a variety of built-in integrations for popular technologies including Salesforce and Twilio.


"There is a clear gap in the market between the basic email software that's loved by millions, and the high-end automation solutions that the tech elite uses to achieve superhuman results. Our goal is to level the playing field - Autopilot is easy enough that anyone can use it, affordable enough that any owner can buy it, and flexible enough that companies can stay one step ahead in today's social business environment," said co-founder and CEO Mike Sharkey.