Bing Adds Ad Extension Scheduling; Take Some Time Off

Efficiency is the name of the game in advertising management, and that means using the features that ad networks offer to achieve your performance objectives.

Bing ads, for example, just announced the release of Ad Extension Scheduling, which will enable advertisers to control when their extensions are delivered. The feature essentially provides an opportunity to enhance ads with time-sensitive offers including deals and promotions.

Ad extension scheduling is available for extension types including App, Sitelink, Callout, Call, Review, Location and Structured Snippets. The feature, available in all markets, can be implemented through the Bing Ads UI, Google Import, Bing Ads API and Bulk Upload.

While Bing Ads indicated that scheduling ad extensions does not guarantee that extensions will be shown (as delivery depends on several factors), it's a great way to improve advertising performance and efficiency in general.