Changes to UET at Bing Ads

Bing Ads released an update for Universal Event Tracking, the new conversion and goal tracking for Bing Ads.

Advertisers that have not yet implemented UET will have an easier time doing so, as the tag and goal creation process have been separated. That's good news as many reported the process being rather cumbersome and not very intuitive.

There are also a few other updates of which advertisers should be aware. There is now the ability to set a default revenue value for conversions that have no assigned value and support for unique conversions. Just like AdWords, Bing Ads will now count only one conversion that happens after a click.

There is also a new Scope option that will allow advertisers the ability to apply a conversion goal across multiple accounts that send traffic to the same site. This is now the default on all existing conversion goals so if you have multiple accounts for the same site, but don't want the conversion goal to apply across those accounts, advertisers will have to create new goals.

Bing indicated that support for the old Campaign Analytics will be turned off in the coming months.