Click Fraud Unchanged (Sort Of)

Anchor Intelligence released its traffic quality report for Q2 2010 and it appears that the attempted click fraud rate is remaining consistent (sort of).

The average attempted click fraud rate remain relatively unchanged from 29.2% in Q1 2010 to 28.9% in Q2 2010 according to Anchor Intelligence. In comparison to the same quarter last year, the attempted click fraud rate represents an increase of 26% year over year. 

Anchor Intelligence attributes the attempted click fraud rate primarily to the dramatic growth in botnet scale and volume around the globe as well as the continued exploitation by malicious hosts of security vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure of countries such as Vietnam, Australia, and the US. 

"Click fraud attempts are not going to go away any time soon. Cybercriminals will simply reallocate their attempts from well protected ad networks and search engines to those that do not have a fortified line of defense," said Ken Miller, CEO of Anchor Intelligence. "Fraudsters are efficient. Once they stop receiving payments from one set of targets, they'll simply find another set that is likely to pay out."