Connecting Audiences & Publishers in Media Buying

It's becoming increasingly simple for marketers to connect with publishers' audiences for the purpose of media buying.

Case in point, a new integration between [x+1] and Lotame is providing marketers on the [x+1] platform an opportunity to connect with publishers on Lotame's Crowd Syndicate and give clients a permission-based system with an ability to share first-party data safely and securely. According to [x+1], one of the top five banks in the U.S. is already using the system.

So how does it work? When a marketer wants to reach users at a specific point in the funnel with a highly targeted offer, they could use [x+1] Origin to design a precise audience segment that meets their key criteria. Then, from within [x+1], they select the inventory source they want to use from a list of Lotame publishers. That audience segment is then sent to Crowd Syndicate so the advertiser can buy media against that audience in Lotame's network of publishers.

"The ability for our customers to target their marketing audiences easily across Lotame's premium publisher pool is a major benefit," said David Skinner, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at [x+1]. "The fact that this partnership is two-way, allowing Lotame's publishers to make their inventory available to our clients, benefits the entire programmatic ecosystem."